Staying Fit & Healthy After Age 40

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Hi, my name is Adrian TRUFiT, and I am a mental fitness expert which simply means I provide solutions to connect the Mind and Body in new and more intentional ways, allowing you to function more productively.

I want to officially welcome you to my world, my TRUFiT world.  It's been quite the journey for me...I'm still standing and standing strong. I've been through a lot emotionally, mentally and physically and now I channel those experiences and life lessons into helping others help themselves. I hope to continue to inspire others who find themselves at a similar point in their life where they really need to make a change. Life is always full of challenges, highs and lows, ups and downs. The secret is having the necessary tools and the ability to know how to weather the storm and stay in a positive state of mind.

My transformation has had a profound impact on my life. After turning 40, I made a complete transformation Personally, Professionally, Physically and Emotionally.

I have invested a lot time researching, studying, analyzing and developing strategies to living a better life both mentally and physically.  My passion now lies in helping other people do the same.

Through advancement in modern science, we now have the capability to understand how our minds work. With the right strategies and coaching, it’s possible to turn your life completely around and start enjoying life again.  How do I know? I had to rebuild my life one brick at a time.

Unfortunately, I had to see some darker days before seeing the light and being able to share this with others. I am here to let you know no matter what your circumstances are, what you want or have to change in your life to be happy.

I want to give you a little background about me and how Mental Fitness Training turned my life completely around. How did I get there? A series of events contributed to my emotional downfall. After all of these personal and professional events in my life and literally hitting an emotional rock bottom, I reached a point where I knew I finally wanted to make a change.

When I really looked deep within me and decided to do something, the journey of life for me continued with a new focus, a new purpose, a new meaning, a new me.   I used exercise and mental conditioning to rebuild my life post 40.

I felt very fortunate that I had the know how to physically get myself back into shape. I also started doing mental exercises that was instrumental in reversing my depression. This was my moment of enlightenment, everything about me began to change. When you reach this moment you will know.

The real change began to happen when I started to be completely honest with myself. I changed my inner voice and belief system. I set attainable but challenging goals and began to take action.

I was desperate for more information so I continued to research and research and research. I continued to uncover more and more about the latest research and discoveries. I started implementing the changes that were being suggested.

After going through my transformation, I knew something special happened to me and I wanted to share with anyone willing to listen who may be in a similar position. I have now devoted my life to helping people help themselves. I have spent years focusing on why we keep making the same mistakes over and over. Countless hours have been spent focusing on a particular area, the mind, and then making key distinctions about how to produce results more quickly.

By developing and utilizing specific mental training strategies, you can immediately and dramatically change your performance, change your life.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope you were able to get a better understanding of who Adrian TRUFiT is. My goal is to try and help as many people as I can by providing the necessary tools needed to improve the quality of their lives.

Weight issues or stress can be caused by many overlying issues such as depression, low self esteem and limiting belief.  If left unaddressed, weight gain and low energy will always be a struggle.

I strongly suggest you check out the book I wrote, The Future You, How To Reprogram Your Mind which pretty much gives you the Blueprint on how to redefine yourself. There is some awesome information that you can begin using immediately to start improving the quality of your life.

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