If You Believe, You Can Achieve

Hi, my name is Adrian TRUFiT and I am a mental fitness expert which simply means I provide solutions to connect the Mind and Body in new and more intentional ways allowing you to function more productively.

I want to officially welcome you to my world, my TRUFiT world. It's been quite the journey for me, I'm still standing and standing strong.

I hope to continue to inspire others who find themselves at a similar point in their life where they really NEED to make a change. Life is always full of challenges, highs, and lows, ups and downs. The secret is having the necessary tools and the ability to know how to weather the storm and stay in a positive state of mind.

I found myself severely depressed to the point of contemplating my existence. Why am I here? Do I really want to be here? When you find yourself in a depressive state it is very easy to start having thoughts of SUICIDE.

I NEVER thought that would ever be me.  Why? How did this happen to me? The unfortunate thing is, I was in a very dark place mentally and was not equipped with the necessary tools to handle the stresses life was presenting at the time.

Fortunately, I was able to turn my life around and start enjoying life AGAIN.  For those who find themselves in a similar position, you too can turn it around.

My Journey Began When...

I woke up one day and said to myself, I don't want to live like this anymore. After a few unsuccessful attempts of getting professional help, I began on a quest to solve my own inner demons, insecurities, and bad behaviors.  I was and continue to be on a mission to find answers.

Prescription drugs were not an option for me and I was desperate to find my own solutions since nothing being offered was working.

escape-to-miami-swim-2015After battling depression and anxiety for many years, I am now living a life of purpose and happiness.  I am grateful to so many people who have devoted their lives to helping people. Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, and the late Jim Rohn are 3 individuals that continue to do so much to better people's lives.

For those of you who have not been exposed to modern science, quantum physics, and new branches of science like epigenetics, you are going to be enlightened and inspired.

I am so grateful for the brilliant minds of people like Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, and Rob Williams. They continue to pioneer new areas of science and are passionate about sharing it with others.

Through countless hours of personal development, guidance, and direction provided by the mentors mentioned above, I now want to pass on that knowledge that was shared with me at a time when I really needed it.

escape-to-miami-bike-2015Fast forward a few years, and I now specialize in developing mental and physical fitness solutions to help people redefine themselves and transform their lives. My transformation
has had a profound impact on my life.

I made a complete transformation Personally, Professionally, Physically, and Emotionally. The changes I made at the time had such an impact on my rebuilding my life but I didn't really understand the biological and behavioral elements that allowed all of this to happen. I invested a lot of time researching, studying, analyzing, and developing strategies to live a better life both mentally and physically.

My passion now lies in helping other people do the same.

Through advancements in modern science and new groundbreaking technologies, we now have the capability to understand how our minds. I've been through so much emotionally,
mentally, and physically, I knew I could channel those experiences and begin to help other people. With the right strategies and coaching, it's possible to turn your life completely around and start enjoying life again.

How do I know? I had to rebuild my life and my family's life, one brick at a time.dr-nathalie-mckenzie-and-adrian-trufit-mckenzie-family

Fast-Forward To My Transformation...

After all of the personal and professional events in my life and literally hitting an emotional rock bottom. I reached a point where I knew I finally wanted to make a change.  When I finally decided to do something, the journey of life for me continued with a new focus, a new purpose, a new meaning a new me.

I used exercise and mental conditioning to rebuild my life post-40. I felt very fortunate that I had the know-how to physically get myself back into shape.  I also started doing mental exercises that were instrumental in reversing my depression.

This was my moment of enlightenment, everything about me began to change.  When you reach this moment you will know. The real change began to happen when I started to be completely honest with myself. I changed my inner voice and belief system. I set attainable but challenging goals and began to take action.

I was desperate for more information so I continued to research and research and research.  I continued to uncover more and more about the latest research and discoveries.  I started implementing the changes that were being suggested.

I also wanted to treat my body better. Nutrition became very important to me, nothing dr-nathalie-mckenzie-and-adrian-trufit-mckenzie-2kidsextreme just wiser choices.  This had a profound impact on how I looked at nutrition for my children.

I became very competitive with myself and started becoming very detailed in my goals and more importantly monitoring them until success.  At the time I didn't know what was really happening. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to reflect.

I want people to know and understand you can change your life no matter what it is.  If you are really ready to make that change.

My goal is to reach into an individual and bring out what they are truly capable of. We are so much stronger than we think we are.  But to harness that power, you literally have to change your lifestyle AND change it in such a way that is sustainable. That's TRUFiT! And Being TRUFiT is not about being in great shape, getting a six-pack, or coming first in a race. TRUFiT is a lifestyle, it's a way of life.

Finally wanting to make a change and having the ability to make it happen are two challenges. I knew that there were and still are many people out there looking to make a change but don't know how.

dr-nathalie-mckenzie-and-adrian-trufit-mckenzie-strong-at-trufitThis is why I created TRUFiT. I wanted to create a place that would help you completely restart your fitness and nutritional philosophy, training and making life changes to live a fun, productive, healthy, and balanced life.

Going in the right direction and having the right motivation and support will help you do things you never thought you could do.

If you are struggling with confidence and self-esteem I truly believe TRUFIT can help you. Every aspect of TRUFiT was carefully thought out with the ultimate goal of helping people better themselves "Be Better Than Yesterday".

Are you ready to become TRUFiT?