Staying Healthy On Vacation

How Did I Stay TRUFiT On A Cruise Vacation?

So I can’t stress the importance of managing your emotions when traveling. It is so important to adapt to the inconveniences traveling is going to throw at you such as lost baggage, delayed flights, missed connections, annoying passengers etc etc.

Keep in mind  just because plans don’t always go according to plans it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan. What is more important is learning how to adapt and not let negative events compound to the point where you have become irritable, annoyed, frustrated or angry.

So the original plan was to fly out of Orlando early Friday afternoon and connect flights in Newark, New Jersey en route to Barcelona, Spain. Well, when travelling in 2017 don’t ever expect everything to go according to plan. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed 4 hours in Orlando and resulted in a missed connection.

When travelling internationally it is important to give yourself enough time to make connecting flights even if that means going a day earlier. It is inevitable that one of your flights is going to be delayed so make sure to plan accordingly.

Adapting is the key to enjoying your vacation. Always have a Plan B and be willing to really go with the flow. 



Day #1
Missed Connecting Flight…
24 Hours In To Spend New York City

After arriving in Newark 4 hours passed the scheduled arrival time, option #1 was to stay in Newark, New Jersey for the night and catch the connecting flight to Barcelona the next day. No offence Newark but Option #2 was to hail a cab and head to New York City for the night and spend the following day sightseeing.

With technology at our finger tips 24/7, it is very easy to make last minute decisions like booking a hotels and rescheduling lights. With the help of google the plan was to find a hotel to check into in midtown Manhattan close to all the action, get a good night sleep so I would be well rested for an action packed day in NYC before heading back to Newark to catch the flight to Barcelona the following day.

Woke up early and grabbed a rent-a-bike

Cruisin through Time Square at 7:00am on a Saturday morning

Refueling with some all natural fruits and vegetables

Lots of walking and ride on the subway

Staying TRUFiT with a healthy breakfast

Checking out the sights on a Double Decker Bus

Day #2
Welcome To Spain Spain
Port of Call: Barcelona

A top European center for art, architecture, design and cuisine, this stylish city has its own language and culture. The soul of old Barcelona is its Gothic Quarter; outside the medieval district, discover iconic landmarks and more.


Walking the streets of Barcelona checking out the local shops and restaurants.

As beautiful as the sunset was as we started to set sail, my health started to decline as I began to feel very sicked and began having cold sweats.  No more than 10 minutes into the cruise I got hit with a 24 hour flu bug which sent me to the ships infirmary. I spent a few hours there until I was released and quarantined to my cabin for 24 hours. It was a rough 24 hours by but I didn’t lose hope that I could still enjoy my vacation.

Day #3
Welcome To France France
Port of Call: Provence (Marseilles)

Vieux PortFrance’s oldest city is one of its most dynamic, with a melting pot culture and vibrant arts scene. The soul of the city is its Vieux Port, the working waterfront. Marseille is also a gateway port to the scenic villages and coastal areas of Provence. This picturesque port was once known as the gateway to the Mediterranean.

WTF! 24 Hour Flu – Quarantined To Ship Cabin

Unfortunately, I missed the first shore excursion to Marseilles, France but was grateful to have a balcony room with an amazing view. Although not feeling 100% I was so happy to be out of bed with the major effects of the flu starting to wear off.

By evening time I was off the restricted menu and able to eat what I wanted so I made sure to stick to healthy options and drink lots of water.

Day #4
Welcome To France France
Port of Call: Nice (Villefranche)

As you can imagined I was thrilled Nice is a cosmopolitan city where you’ll find a colorful Old Town, elegant Belle Epoque architecture, French Riviera chic and much more. The ship anchors just outside city limits, in the deep blue bay of picturesque Villefranche-sur-Mer. Eager to get off of the ship and I was also very grateful that I was only sick for 1 day and had 6 more action packed days to still enjoy myself.

Travelling through Europe can be very enjoyable when you are healthy and fit. So many hilly streets to explore.

Checking out a local vendor selling some locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Day #5
Welcome To 
Italy La Spezia
Port of Call: Florence/Pisa (La Spezia)

A former fishing village at the border of two enchanting regions, La Spezia offers easy access to Tuscany and its great cities like Florence and Pisa and the Liguria’s rugged coast and terraced villages known as Cinque Terre.

One of the great things about cruising is taking advantage of the outdoor running track early in the morning when the ship is approaching the port.

No Strollers allowed. At age 46, it is important for me to stay fit and healthy so I can still be physically active with my kids.

Eating fresh grilled octopus seaside in Santa Margaritta Island, Italy.

Grilled shrimp and prawns fresh fro the Mediterranean Sea

Climbing some more hills

Day #6
Welcome To Italy La Spezia
Port of Call: Civitavecchia

From the monuments of the ancient empire to the pursuit of la dolce vita, the Eternal City is an unrivaled open-air museum and a lively modern metropolis. The tiny enclave of Vatican City is home to sacred sites and priceless art.

So much easier to get your workout in before your day really starts.

Rome was full of walking checking out the many historical sites.

The flavors of Italy are absolutely amazing. Ate a lot of fresh seafood.

Hangin’ out in the streets of Italy as the day was coming to an end.

Day #7
Welcome To Italy 
Port of Call: Naples (Capri)

One of Europe’s oldest cities, Naples is vibrant and filled with rich artistic and architectural heritage. Nearby sights include the ruins of ancient Pompeii uncovers, the idyllic resort isle of Capri, and the jewel-like towns that dot the Amalfi Coast.

The Lost City

A very surreal experience running up the stadiums built in 79 AD

Very important to stay hydrated by drinkings lots of water.

The views were absolutely amazing atop of Sorrento.

Sitting atop Sorrento eating some fresh local food

Situated high above sea level the streets are long and hilly

Sampling some locally made mozzarella  cheese

Found this enormous lemon and the local lemon farm

 Day #8
A Day Cruising On The Mediterranean

Decided to do a nice 5K on the Mediterranean while cruising back to Barcelona

Cruising has many advantages and great entertainment for the kids.

Did not Deviate from my meditation. Added a new element doing it in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

You Got To Move It Move It! So Awesome to see King Julia on the ship.

Day #9
On The Way Home From Barcelona 

Innovative ways of travel and keeping the kids entertained.

Speeding through Barcelona Airport. Always important to be prepared to be on the go.

Always an added benefit getting to see the cockpit of an airplane and smiles.

All in all it was a very enjoyable trip that could have gone bad multiple times.

TRUFit Travel Tip #3

When traveling with kids it is so important to help them manage their emorio



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Any Health Issues?
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