Back To School…Back To You

Was it just me or did I see a few ladies hangin’ out of the sunroof on New Broad St. yelling “CAN I GET AN AMEN!” lol

Well, the end of August is here, and you know what that means, kids are back to school.  How thankful are you that the kids are out for your hair during the day?  I mean I’m sure you love your kids but enough kids already 😜 LOL.

But seriously, before you know it the kids are going to be half way through this NEW school year and you catch yourself saying I can’t believe it’s already 2018.

I put together a video on TRUFiT TV, CLICK HERE to check it out. Whether you are a parent or not, this video may apply to you.

It may be your second chance to finish the year strong.


What You Think About You Become

To Learn More About Why You Are Able To Lose Weight But Then Gain It Right Back


What You Think About You Become

If you want to change yourself, you first have to change your internal belief system subconsciously. The old beliefs from our developmental days can still be found in our subconscious mind. Although the programs are old, they remain a part of our everyday life no matter how old we are simply because most of us have done nothing to change them.

The subconscious mind has programmed habits and a habit is something you learned that you don’t want to change, like walking, driving, breathing etc. These habits are programmed into the subconscious mind and you have learned these habits once, and you do not want to keep learning them over and over again.

There is a recorded program that controls how we see and feel about ourselves, our true belief of who we are. This can apply to many different facets of our lives and over the years we have created these programs of limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities.

If you were teased, bullied or overweight to the point where it caused discomfort in your life, you are still living with those beliefs and pains today. If you were insecure about your body or who you were, those insecurities probably still affect you today. If you were raised in a negative environment, you are going to continue to have limiting beliefs.

Our internal voice is a voice prompted command system that instructs how you direct yourself to act or respond. If you haven’t changed your internal beliefs, the chances are high that you are still living with those beliefs and pains which have found their way into the subconscious mind.

Our internal voice is very important as it controls how we truly feel about ourselves.  What You Are Thinking About You Are Becoming. There is a correlation between our internal voice and our belief system, the more we talk negatively the more we reinforce the belief.

To ensure we are operating efficiently, we have internal auto-regulated systems with the ability to process, store and access information with the required programmed instructions. This can be auto-commands that trigger our behaviors and habits that reside in The Subconscious Mind.

Since any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in The Subconscious Mind through repetition, similar to a computer we can reprogram specific commands to trigger a different response from the computer or in terms of the mind, changing a pattern of behavior. Most of us have not changed any of the old programs.

It is not easy to change but with the proper strategy and game plan you can record over these limiting beliefs. You do have the choice to record what you want which can be very powerful when utilized correctly.

I encourage you to continue devoting time to personal development. There is so information available to you today that can have a profound impact on your life. Take the time to better yourself and you will see great things start to happen.

I hope you have a healthy and productive day.